Tuesday, April 24, 2018

FemFest In Russia ???

Here is a headline you don't see every day:

‘My Vagina Wants to Experience Everything!’

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I can't think of anything to say.

You CAN Fight City Hall, But It Ain't Easy

Here is a very good example of how to do it:

On the road leading into this hardscrabble town in Mexico’s southwest corner, there stands a checkpoint staffed by heavily-armed guards, clad ominously in balaclavas, or ski masks. This scene is not particularly unusual for this violence-plagued country, but Cheran is no ordinary place: seven years ago this month, the mostly indigenous townspeople here grew tired of watching the loggers illegally cut down their trees, and frustrated with the extortion rackets run by the organized-crime cartels, and angry at the politicians who did nothing to protect them or the forest that is central to the local timber economy.

And so the denizens of this community tucked away in the state of Michoacán evicted the bootleg loggers and the mobsters who hired them; they kicked out the police department and the mayor and the city council and the prosecutors and the judges and they decided to do it all themselves.

The gendarmes patrolling the city’s borders are, in fact, civilians.

Cheran is no utopia, but virtually everyone here says they feel happier and safer with the new autonomous arrangement that is reminiscent of the Paris Commune, the radical workers’ movement that governed the City of Lights for two months in the spring of 1871 before authorities and industrialists managed to regain control.

“Little by little, people have realized that this new system is the most suitable for us … now we take care of each other,” David Ramos Guerrero, a local resident, told MintPress News.

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Unfortunately, such an outcome would be VERY hard to achieve in the US. Just ask LaVoy Finicum.

Oh, wait ... you can't. The FBI killed him for trying something similar.

In spite of what the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution may imply, you and I are NOT sovereign. Anyone trying to assert a claim to sovereignty in the US ultimately winds up in jail, or worse.

What's Wrong With This Picture ???

10 killed, 15 wounded in Toronto, and the world is outraged:


40 killed, 5000 wounded in Gaza, but no one gives a damn:


What's wrong with you people?

Iran Joining The EEU

Iran and Russia have agreed to work together within the framework of a Moscow-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) following three years of discussion and negotiations on free trade.

The agreement, which will require ratification in both countries, will bolster bilateral trade and investment and also open Iranian markets and investors to the other EEU members – Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam.

Iran’s inclusion into the EEU will help it access markets that may have been previously blocked due to US sanctions.

Once ratified, Iran will be expected to establish a free trade zone for EEU trade.

In 2015, Iran and Russia signed a joint monetary agreement to facilitate mutual trade transactions of Iran’s rials and Russia’s roubles.

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Are we willing to go to war to stop this? And if we do, who will benefit? I doubt it will be us.

Our Unsustainable Empire

Pat Buchanan asks all the right questions, but is anyone in DC listening?

How long can this country, with its shrinking share of global GDP, sustain its expanding commitments to confront and fight all over the world?

U.S. planes and ships now bump up against Russians in the Baltic and Black seas. We are sending Javelin anti-tank missiles to Kiev, while NATO allies implore us to bring Ukraine and Georgia into the alliance.

This would mean a U.S. guarantee to fight an alienated, angered and nuclear-armed Russia in Crimea and the Caucasus.

Sixteen years after 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan, we are still there, assisting Afghan troops against a Taliban we thought we had defeated.

We are now fighting what is left of ISIS in Syria alongside our Kurd allies, who tug us toward conflict with Turkey.

U.S. forces and advisers are in Niger, Djibouti, Somalia. We are aiding the Saudis in their air war and naval blockade of Yemen.

The last Korean War, which cost 33,000 U.S. lives, began in the June before this writer entered 7th grade. Why is the defense of a powerful South Korea, with an economy 40 times that of the North, still a U.S. responsibility?

We are committed, by 60-year-old treaties, to defend Japan, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand. Voices are being heard to have us renew the war guarantee to Taiwan that Jimmy Carter canceled in 1979.

National security elites are pushing for new naval and military ties to Vietnam and India, to challenge Beijing in the South China Sea, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

How long can we sustain a worldwide empire of dependencies?

How many wars of this century – Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen – turned out to have been worth the blood shed and the treasure lost? And what have all the "color-coded revolutions" we have instigated to advance "democracy" done for America?

In a New York Times essay, "Adapting to American Decline," Christopher Preble writes: "America’s share of global wealth is shrinking. By some estimates, the United States accounted for roughly 50 percent of global output at the end of World War II. … It has fallen to 15.1 percent today."

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Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.
Proverbs 16:18 KJV

America's elites don't seem to think there is a problem. What do you think?

Monday, April 23, 2018

Subcontracting The Dirty Work Of US Imperialsim

This report reveals that Trump's promises to "withdraw" from Syria mask an intention to subcontract the war to other parties:


Compare that to the predictions in my 2015 book No More Patriots:

It had become obvious that America would not be ending war; we would out of necessity be reinventing it. Instead of ending terrorism, the Global War on Terror had reinvigorated it. In spite of our invasions and our mighty efforts to “win the hearts and minds” of the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq, it seemed that everywhere we looked new terrorists popped up to take the place of each one that we and our allies killed. Our war on terror ran the risk of becoming endless.

And not only had the Global War on Terror failed to achieve its stated goals, it had become extremely expensive. The estimated cost to date had risen to $5 trillion, and since there was no end in sight it was impossible to know what the final price tag might be. If the war could not be ended, its cost had to be significantly contained.

One thing that was obvious from today’s speeches is that the citizen-soldiers who had fought our previous wars were being replaced with mercenaries. The percentage of contract personnel in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars had been significantly higher than in World War Two. That percentage would continue to grow in an effort to contain costs.

Although we buried our war dead with honors, we also buried our living and dying veterans in a Department of Veterans Affairs which at times seemed to treat them in a dishonorable manner. The VA response to Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome had been too little and too late. The response to the flood of traumatized veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in many cases had been to just hand them a few pills and send them home. More of our troops had died from suicide than had died on the battlefield. There always seemed to be plenty of money for more wars, but little left over to care for the wounded. Shifting the burden of “boots on the ground” to mercenary armies whose CEOs and bankers would have to bear the cost of the wounded would help relieve the pressure on the VA, even if it was a cynical way to do so.

And instead of boots on the ground, our future wars would be fought using weapons and methods which would keep our forces as removed from harm’s way as possible, such as unmanned aircraft, drones, other long-range weapons, and snipers. Some day we would even use autonomous killer robots. Such changes required that our sense of “righteous warrior” had to be shifted from the GI Joe foot soldier to the mercenary, the drone operator, the sniper, and the robot. The movie “American Sniper” had done much to help in this regard, but so far it had proven difficult to glorify mercenaries and drone operators.

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With the demise of the US citizen-soldier, we are headed down the same road as the Romans and the British. And ultimately we shall suffer the same fate they did - our empire will collapse, and we will become nothing.

Thought For The Day - 4/23/2018

This is where we are headed: An impulsive and bellicose president empowered to use force on his own authority advised by the advocates of aggressive war with a covert arm headed by a practitioner of torture.

This is precisely what the founders of the country sought to protect against by giving Congress the power to declare war. James Madison noted that the power to declare war is “fully and exclusively vested” in the Congress because the “executive is the department of power most distinguished by its propensity to war: hence it is the practice of all states, in proportion as they are free, to disarm this propensity of its influence.”

Source - http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/49281.htm

Hmmm ... Madison was a slave owner, so maybe we should just ignore him, tear down his statues, and burn his writings. We don't need no stinking constitution anyway.