Friday, November 17, 2017

Once Again, Democrats May Get A Free Pass

As pointed out in this article, Bill Clinton should have resigned over his affair with Monica Lewinsky:

But he didn't.

He also should have been prosecuted for all the times he harassed, assaulted, and raped women, including underage girls. But he wasn't.

Hillary Clinton should have resigned AND dropped out of the presidential race over her apparent gross mishandling of classified material. But she didn't. She should have been prosecuted for her many apparent crimes, but she wasn't.

Now Al Franken (the clown senator) has been outed for sexual harassment. But some are saying that he shouldn't have to resign:

President Trump and Roy Moore, on the other hand, have to be held accountable for everything they did, might have done, and/or are being accused of. And they have to go - impeached or otherwise forced out.

As far as I am concerned. this whole mess is a soft coup. It has nothing to do with crimes or improprieties (although there appear to be many) and lots to do with seizing the reins of power to keep the US within the globalist agenda.

No matter what the outcome, we have finally come to the point where we all should be ashamed to be Americans.

Nvidia - Exciting, But Terrifying

Here is an excellent report in Fortune about Nvidia by Andrew Nusca. Here is what I think is the most important part:

“The thing that I believe is going to be really incredible that’s going to happen next is the ability for artificial intelligence to write artificial intelligence by itself,” he (Jensen Huang) replies.

My eyes widen at the prospect as Huang continues. “In the future, companies will have an A.I. that is watching every single transaction - every business process - that is happening, all day long,” he says. “Certain transactions or patterns that are being repeated. The process could be very complicated. It could go through sales to engineering, supply chain, logistics, business operations, finance, customer service. And it could be observed that this pattern is happening all the time. As a result of this observation, the artificial intelligence software writes an artificial intelligence software to automate that business process. Because we won’t be able to do it. It’s too complicated.”

By now my head is spinning, lost in a bizarre vision that somehow combines the films Office Space, The Matrix, and Inception.

But Huang is still rolling. “We’re seeing early indications of it now,” he adds. “Generative adversarial networks, or GAN. I think over the next several years we’re going to see a lot of neural networks that develop neural networks. For the next couple of decades, the greatest contribution of A.I. is writing software that humans simply can’t write. Solving the unsolvable problems.”

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Artificial intelligence watching everything and everyone and writing artificial intelligence by itself?

The terrifying part is that Jensen does not appear to see the danger in what he is creating; or even worse, that he can but does not care.

The MOST unsolvable problem is too many humans on this planet. You can bet your sweet bippy that A.I. will solve this by "writing software that humans simply can't write" ... and that will kill most or all of us. There is NO ONE who can guarantee that such a thing will not happen, and plenty of reasons to think it is inevitable.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Where Are The Lost Tribes Of Israel ???

The claim of the Bnei Menashe to be descendants of the tribe of Menashe, exiled from the Land of Israel more than 2,700 years ago by the Assyrian empire, has stirred controversy in Israel over the years.

The Chief Rabbinate initially did not consider the Bnei Menashe to be Jewish, and their immigration was halted at the beginning of the 21st century amid contention. But in 2005, then-Sephardi chief rabbi Shlomo Amar formally recognized the Bnei Menashe as descendants of one of the Ten Lost Tribes, though still requiring them to convert to Judaism as soon as they arrive in Israel.

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It is a FACT that many Christian sects believe the British and American people to be descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel. It also is a FACT that the Chief Rabbinate will NEVER acknowledge this.

Those who believe in two covenants, one for Jews and one for Christians, do not live in Israel. They may NEVER live in Israel.

What's Wrong With Our World, In A Nutshell

Last night a damaged painting of questionable provenance sold for $450 million:

In spite of this show of excessive wealth, an average of 27,000+ persons die every day of chronic hunger and hunger-related diseases:

God money's not looking for the cure.
God money's not concerned with the sick amongst the pure.
God money let's go dancing on the backs of the bruised.
God money's not one to choose.

ICC To Investigate US For War Crimes ???

On November 14, Fatou Bensouda, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, requested authorization to open an investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed by CIA and US military leaders, as well as Taliban and Afghan officials. If a full investigation proceeds as requested, it would send a clear signal to the Trump administration that no one is above the law.

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I'm 100% in favor of this. But is it reasonable that the ICC would cause any US official to be tried, let alone arrested? I doubt it.

By the way, note well the report mentions Trump and Bush, but not Obama or the Clintons ... all three of whom are just as guilty as their Republican counterparts.

Lead Poisoning Not Just In Flint, MI

In an updated study, Reuters news agency has identified 3,810 neighborhoods where recently recorded child lead poisoning rates are at least double those found in Flint, Michigan during the height of that city’s water crisis in 2014 and 2015. In some 1,300 of these “hotspot” communities, the percentage of children six and under with elevated lead levels was at least four times the percentage in Flint during the peak of the crisis.

In pockets of Baltimore, Cleveland and Philadelphia, where lead poisoning has spanned generations, Reuters reported that the rate of elevated tests over the last decade was 50 percent or higher.

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Let's face it - in many respects the US is a "failed state", with poor public health being towards the top of the list.

The Space Nation ???

Hail Asgardia !!!

The world's first "space nation" has taken flight.

On November 12, Asgardia cemented its presence in outer space by launching the Asgardia-1 satellite.

The "nanosat" -- it is roughly the size of a loaf of bread -- undertook a two-day journey from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, the United States, to the International Space Station (ISS).

It contains 0.5 TB of data belonging to 18,000 of Asgardia's citizens, such as family photographs, as well as digital representations of the space nation's flag, coat of arms and constitution.

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I signed up for Asgardia, but I don't think they blasted my data into space.

So far, they haven't offered me a passport or a discount ticket to earth orbit, let alone to the moon or Mars.